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The Player's Club

Gabriel's Guitars offers convenient annual plans to help keep your instrument playing it's absolute best at all times. SAVE 25%* while keeping your instrument sounding it's absolute best and also feeling it's absolute best! The Player's Club is also an extremely easy way to save for those who have more than one instrument!​

Use your membership on all your guitars and basses! When you sign up for any Player's Club Membership, not only do you receive the included setups and strings, but you receive a 20% discount on all additional setups you may need during the membership year and a 10% discount on any other services we perform as well. 


Player's Club Members also receive a free express service upgrade for all their setups! That means your instrument will be available to you same-day!** 


See our available plans below:

Frequently Asked Questions



Every Year

  • Standard Guitar Setup w/ Standard Strings (x2)

  • Restring and Clean w/ Standard Strings (x2)

  • 20% OFF Additional Setups

  • 10% OFF All Other Services

  • FREE Express Service Upgrade**



Every Year

  • Standard Guitar Setup w/ Premium Strings (x2)

  • Restring and Clean w/ Premium Strings (x2)

  • 20% OFF Additional Setups

  • 10% OFF All Other Services

  • FREE Express Service Upgrade**

The String Changer



  • 1 Restring & Clean Per Month

  • 1 Standard Guitar String Set Per Month

  • Free Express Service Upgrade on All Eligible Purchases

Vouchers Redeemable for 90 days!

*25% Savings is approximate based on retail cost of Setups and Strings for each available plan.

**Schedule permitting. Schedule is first come first served. Call ahead for scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?  When you sign up as a Player's Club Member of any type, you automatically receive free express service on all eligible services. Express service requires call-ahead scheduling so we can ensure our ability to offer you same-day service on a specific day. Express service requires drop-off of your instrument before noon on any given day, and is available Monday- Friday.


Standard or Premium Player's Club Members also automatically get specialized pricing on all the services we perform (10% off all services, 20% off all setups).


We also then issue you vouchers through our loyalty rewards program for all the benefits which come with your plan. You can redeem your vouchers at checkout any time you choose. When you first bring in your instrument, you will be rung up as a normal sale (with your specialized Player's Club pricing), but when you come to pickup your instrument, you can apply your vouchers as you see fit. 

Can I use my membership benefits on all my instruments or just one?  You can use your membership benefits however you choose! The plans were designed to keep a single instrument in optimal condition throughout the year; however, many of our customers own many instruments and choose to split up their benefits to different guitars. However you choose to use your benefits--it's your choice!

What is the difference between the Standard and Premium Plans?  Strings. On the Standard Plan, we offer D'Addario XL strings in your choice of gauges (limitations apply) for both guitars and basses. On the Premium Plan, you can choose between Elixir coated strings for Guitars or D'Addario NYXL for Guitar and Bass. Premium members also have the option of specialty strings such as 12-String Guitar, Flatwound Guitar or Bass, 7 or 8 String Guitar, etc. If you prefer to use any specialty string types/arrangements, then the Premium Membership is the right choice for you!

If I buy the String Changer Membership, and I forget to come in (or can't get over to you) every month, do I lose my vouchers?  No! Your vouchers, once issued, last 90 days. So if you forget to come by, or if you're not able to make it in during a given month, it's not a problem. You'll still be able to use your voucher the next time you come in. Some people have two guitars and they prefer to change their strings every 2 months, and so they use the plan that way. We have tried to make the plans as flexible as possible for every type of player that's out there.

If I have the Standard or Premium Player's Club Membership, but I want to use a setup voucher on a 12 string/Floating Bridge/Specialty instrument, can I do that?  Yes! Though you will wind up owing a small balance at checkout. This gets a little technical so stay with us! On a normal instrument setup, the cost is $125. As a player's club member, you get 20% off all setups, which would leave a balance of $100. If you use a voucher, it credits your account $100 for the setup, leaving a $0 balance owed.


When you have a specialty instrument setup, the cost is $150. As a player's club member, you receive 20% off, which would leave a balance of $120. Your voucher would apply a $100 credit to your account, leaving a balance of $30. This is the amount you would still owe on a specialty instrument setup as a Player's Club Member.

I have other questions...No worries! We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call or text us at 520-849-7692 or send us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

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